Aveda’s green ingredient promise focuses on continually striving to increase their use of naturally derived ingredients, i.e. those in which more than 50% of the molecule comes from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, or other natural source, like water. We set other standards for use, too, like avoiding certain types of processing.

Aveda’s standards have made them a pioneer in the green cosmetics world: now more than 90% of our essential oils and 89% of our raw herbal ingredients* are certified organic. * By tonnage.

Zanté Salon & Spa features the full line of Aveda™ products. Our products are:

  • Sourced from organic, sustainable or renewable plant-based origins

  • Represent ecological and cultural diversity by being sourced from different habitats all over the world

  • Do not negatively impact the ecosystems from which they are sourced

  • Are biodegradable

  • Involve environmentally responsible processing (for- example, steam distillation rather than chemical extraction of essential oils)

To facilitate the choice of ingredients that meet these standards, Zanté Salon & Spa and Aveda™ are teaming up with the EPEA, an environmental research institute located in Germany and led by Michael Braungart, co-author of “Cradle to Cradle” design principles for products. Aveda™ is constantly evolving our ingredient sourcing process to meet our goals, helping to continually move our business toward our vision.